Accommodation: We will provide accommodation for invited speakers and participants. Most participants are staying at Yanshan Hotel. You should have received detailed information about your hotel reseravation -- please contact Ms. Chen ( if you have any questions.

Registration: If you are staying at Yanshan Hotel, there will be a registration desk from 2-8pm on Aug 14th. You can get your conference materials there. In particular, your nametag is required to enter Peking University campus. If you are unable to register on Aug 14th, usually by explaining your purpose at the university gates while showing your passport and home instution's ID they will let you in. Our secretary, Ms. Chen, can also send you some document which you can print and show to the guards at the campus gates. Please contact her if you need one.

Dining: The banquet is at 6pm, Aug 18th. We will also provide lunch and dinner from 08/15-17, 19-20. More details will be announced at the conference. If you are staying at Yanshan Hotel and paid by us, breakfast is included in your stay.

Handbook: More information is in the Conference Handbook.